Cars' Body Made From Unused Items...It's Awesome!

What can you do with the useless floppy disks? Throw away? No, no, should keep it and make it a new cloth for your car just like the one in the picture above.

Lamborghini With Awesome Painting On Its Body

The awesome painting on this Lamborghini was done using a modern drawing technique; the car was put at eBay for auction with the price $255,000.

However, if you really like this car and have money to bid it, too late, the auction was over! Anyway, hit the jump for more pictures and the description of this awesome Lamborghini.

This is a 'ONE OF A KIND ' Gallardo Coupe: The car has been featured on MTV 'My sweet 16 with 'Timbaland'. This car is the most Famous Gallardo ever made for the U.S. market. It took over 1000 hours of art work done by hand to complete this incredible masterpiece. This car is still on M.S.O. so you would be the first owner if you win the auction.