Exclusive New Police Cruiser E7

The Carbon Motors E7 is a new police cruiser that has over 100 new features specifically designed exclusively for police officers, which include jump curbs, safely detain criminals, fuel efficient, detect biological, chemical and radiation threats etc.

Hyundai Commercial Is A Cute Ad

This Hyundai commercial is a cute ad and this is the first time I see a car commercial that gets little blondies as the models. Looks like their target customers are kids!

This ad was on air in Australia but for 3 weeks only due to some complaints.

Hit the jump to watch the cute car commercial.

12 Strange Cars In The World

There are many strange cars in the world; you can see 12 strange cars in this post. No doubt, some of the car owners are very creative but I really can't accept some strange car designs like "coffin car" as shown in picture above.

Anyway, hit the jump for the rest of 11 strange cars in the world.

Moster Corvette