World's Heaviest Man Uses Modified Truck To Go Outside

Manuel Uribe, who was the world's heaviest man, finally able to leave his house with a modified truck. Uribe, who once weighed 1,235 pounds (560 kg), was not able to leave his house and couldn't get a suitable vehicle to carry him. After losing his weight to 705 pounds (320 kg), he is now able to use a modified truck with the help of a driver who will help him to go out anytime he wants to.

Bizarre Japanese Futuristic Cars

I don't know whether this type of modified cars are allowed in your countries but at least Japan allowed. These futuristic cars look bizarre but cool.

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AirPod Air Car

If you are looking for an environmental friendly vehicle, I am sure you will like this concept car AirPod, which was designed by Zero Pollution Motors. It doesn’t need petrol to run but just air.