Rolls Royce Launces Electric Phantom in 2010

Last year Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves revealed that they might introduces an electric car in future and according to a reliable source, Rolls-Royce has confirmed will introduce an electric version of their flagship Phantom in late 2010.

While the Tesla has already dispelled the notion that electric cars are little more that glorified golf carts, an electric Rolls-Royce probably sounds pretty absurd at first. But if you think about it, this move actually makes sense on several levels.

Most Phantoms are used for short trips by people who want to be noticed arriving at the latest swanky restaurant or club, so the limited range is not likely to be a big problem. Add to that, the huge torque which will allow the electric Phantom to whisk its occupants away in near silence, and I can see this having broad appeal for some of the more extroverted members of the glitterati.

No details about its price but expect it to be somewhat more than the current gas powered version's $380,000 price tag.