Bugatti Veyron Illegal Parking Gets Free Boot

In North America, exotic cars like Ferrari F40s, F50s, and Enzos are immune to all parking laws but the enforcement officers in European will never give you chance upon illegally parked sports cars including this Bugatti Veyron.

They don't tow away your car, maybe it's too expensive, they just can't afford to pay you if they accidentally scratch its body paint, so, the coolest way to punish you is put on a boot for your car's tire.

That's pretty cool.

Batmobile Spotted in Town

This awesome Batmobile is not the Batman car in the movies; it's owned by someone and being driving in the town. These photos were taken when this Batmobile was sent for servicing in workshop.

Car Crash Test

Before a new car is launched, it must undergoes a car crash test to test how tough is it body when it hits something with big impact. If you want to know how tough is your car, you can perform the same test too but make sure you are not sitting in the driver seat!

More car crash test pictures after the jump.

Golden Audi R8

We have seen a Gold Plated Porsche 911 Cabriolet in my previous post and now another gold plated car "Golden Audi R8" was spotted in Dubai, a city which is full of rich people. Because they are so rich, they don't know how to spend their money, this is why someone "gold plated" his Audi R8 to make it one of the luxury cars in the world.

Toyota Prius Decorated With 8 Bit Flame

This Toyota Prius' body was decorated with "8 bit flame" colourful magnet strips. It's a good idea because you can change the pattern any time and remove it easily when you want the car back to its original look. Very unique and cool.