Time-honored Chrysler LLC Vehicle Collection

These antiques cars were displayed in Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Detroit, the United States. If you have the chance to visit the museum, you could experience the saga of the time-honored Chrysler LLC from its vehicle collection like my favourite car "1954 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible" as shown below. Few more antique cars after the jump.

The 1956 Dodge custom royal lancer D-500
The 1941 Chrysler Newport
The 1928 Plymouth Model Q Coupe

$410,000 Ferrari Shaped Piano

This luxury piano that shaped like a Ferrari was displayed in a piano shop for sale in Beijing.

The "Ferrari" shaped piano with smooth lines and high mobility, is world limited edition and it worth about US$410,000.

If you have US$410,000, will you buy it? Rich Ferrari fans will buy, I believe...


World's First Two-faced Car

A 39-year-old craftman from Chernivtsi, western Ukraine, made this "split personality car" just because he could not reach a final decision over its style.

The two-faced car of Vasyl Lazarenko is a modern saloon on the left side and from the right side of a convertible from the 1930s.

The car's exterior is made completely from sculpted mosaic of wood pieces. Varsyl took more than a year to meticulously carve and assemble with bolts and glue.

This is also the first wooden two-faced vehicle in the world.