Airless Tires Tweel

I saw the photos of this technology of tires in couple years ago but I still don’t see it on the roads, just wondering whether it is popular in other countries. This is an airless tire “Tweel” from Michelin, designed by Segway; the design looks cool.

The heart of Tweel innovation is its deceptively simple looking hub and spoke design that replaces the need for air pressure while delivering performance previously only available from pneumatic tires.

It was said that Tweel performance levels beyond those possible with conventional pneumatic technology. I would say the inventor Dean Kamen who came out this idea is brilliant. Can’t imagine how cool is my car if it is fit with these tires.

Driverless Cybercars

The Cybercars, the cars that are controlled by computer, are being tested in Northamptonshire, UK, town of Daventry. The is part of the project of the European Commission’s research group CityMobil.

This Cybercars are suitable as public transport and many people will be jobless in near future as this car is driverless. Just push a button along the pre-programmed route, a little electric car will follow the route to pick its customers, just like a taxi! Don’t worry it will hit things along the route because lasers are used to sense obstacles to avoid car crash.

Can’t wait for the official launching of the Cybercars? Me too! But it is a long way to have this Cybercars to be implemented in my country; maybe my children only have the chance to use its service...

How To Change Your Car's Painting Temporarily

Thinking to change the color of your car frequently? It is not a dream anymore because there is a technology that allows you to do so. German foil wrapping technology by foliacar can give your car a new look without repaint the original finish.

The high-end color coil coating is fully removable, and ensures the same optical appearance and surface structure just like the regular paint finish. The foil density guarantees 100% opacity and shields the paint against chips, abrasion and weathering to preserve your car’s resale value.

The best part is, you can change the color of your car anytime. Can’t wait to see the illustration for changing the temporary car’s color? Enjoy the pictures below.

Three Chinese Men Build Citroen Car Transformer

Three Chinese men came out a “creative idea” to make a robot by Citroen car. They spent three months to build a large robot transformed from Citroen C2 car and the idea was from the Transformers movie.

A Citroen C2 car was cut to few parts to construct the robot, X2. X2 is 15 feet tall; it’s legs and fingers can bend a little. Other than that, it is just a robot sculpture that standing there doing nothing. What a waste of the Citroen C2 car!

I am wondering when they can modify the robot that can transform by itself just like the commercial below.

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

It is a dream for many road users when they are stuck in the traffic jam and hope that their car could fly to escape from the traffic woes.

Thing has come true when a “car” called Transition has taken to the skies recently, after months-and-months of static road and taxi testing.

Measuring 19 feet long, 80 inches wide, and 6 feet 9 inches high in folded mode, the two-seated Transition resembles a car with collapsible wings. This “car” runs on unleaded fuel on the roads and in the air. On the land, it can cruise at highway speeds, while exceed 115 miles per hour in speed when flying. It has been categorized by the Federal Aviation Admin under the light sport aircraft category.

During its test-flight at the Plattsburgh International Airport in New York on Mar 5, this flying car has proven that it could fly. The company, Terrafugia (which in Latin means ‘escape from land’) is confident of making its first ‘roadable aircraft’ delivery in 2011.


Cruise: 100 kts (115 mph)
Rotate: 70 kts (80 mph)
Stall: 45 kts (51 mph)
Range: 400nm (460 mi)
Takeoff over 50′ obstacle: 1700′
Fuel burn: 5 gph
Fuel tank: 20 gallons
Useful Load: 430 lbs
On road: 30 mpg, highway speeds
Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Front wheel drive on the ground
Automotive-style entry and exit
Two place, side by side
Automated electromechanical folding wing
No trailer or hangar needed
Cargo area holds skis, fishing poles or golf clubs

Drive in case of inclement weather
Proven 100 hp Rotax 912S engine
Full vehicle parachute available
Modern glass avionics
Automotive crash safety features

Folded: 6’ 9” tall x 80” wide x 18’ 9” long
Airplane: 6’ 3” tall x 19’ 2” long
Wingspan: 27’ 6”
Cockpit: 51” at the shoulder

Thieves Steal $777,000 Car While Owner Dines

This is an interesting news:

A luxury car Mayback limousine that worth $777,000 was stolen by a group of men while the car’s owner was dinning in a Moscow restaurant.

The driver of the car owner was bundled by the thieves and put into the back seat. Russian media Kommersant newspaper said the thieves threatened to kill the driver but he was later abandoned outside Moscow’s ring road.

Police of Moscow suspected the car was stolen by a special gang and to be sale in Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

There are not many Mayback limousine in Russia but it is the favorite car of Russia’s super-rich and it becomes their ultimate status symbol.

This was the first reported case of Mayback limousine being stolen in Russia.

Hang A Lamborghini On Wall

Another proof of rich people are so weird! A rich man, Richard Moriarty decorates his house by hanging his 1974 Lamborghini on a wall. The reason is just simply because “the engine kept stalling”.

Lamborghini is a dream car of many people, including me. Of course only rich man like this man can come up such a “brilliant” idea to hang a Lamborghini on wall.

If he gives this car to you with the condition that you must hang it on the wall, please make sure your house is big enough to have a wall that can hang this beautiful piece.

Solar Car From Steve Titus

Many of us are looking for a car that does not need to consume petrol, of course the solar car is the best idea. For those who are looking for the solar car, the Solar Bug from Steve Titus is exclusively designed for you and it is now available for pre-order.

It is an electric car that has solar panels on roof in order to help you to save your money on the petrol. Its top speed is 35 mph with maximum range of 60 miles. It takes four to six hours to recharge its lead acid based batteries from electricity power which costs only 30 to 60 cents.

The company is still improving the solar car and hopes to make the car run fully on solar energy in the future. It is selling at around $9,500, a price that many people are willing to invest.

Volkswagen Beetle With Beautiful Painting

I know Beijing Olympic Games was over but I still want to share with Volkswagen Bettle lovers about these beautiful painting on Volkswagen Bettle cars in conjunction of Beijing Olympic 2008.

With the colorful painting on the cars, it just likes changing new clothes for Volkswagen Beetles.

Hit the jump for more pictures of beautiful Volkswagen Beetle.

Underwater Car - sQuba

This "underwater car" is not the car that appeared in James Bond movies but it is the latest creation of Rinspeed. The underwater car sQuba was presented for the first time at the 2008 Geneva car show in March, 2008.

This car was inspired from the 1977 James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

“For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly under water. Now we have made this dream come true,” Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht said, who is also the fan of James Bond.

The zero-emission electric underwater sports car sQuba can be driven at a depth of 10 meters underwater. It is driven by three electric motors, which are power supplied by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries.

Australian Man “Test Drive” New Honda Accord For 6,200km

It is a common practice to “test drive” when you are buying a new car but the car dealers normally allow their potential buyers to drive for few kilometers only. However, in Australia, a legitimate gentleman “test drive” a new car for five days and drove 6,200 kilometers (3,850 miles).

The Australian man Tam Thai Luu, 30, took off the Honda Accord sedan from a car dealer in the southeastern city of Melbourne but its salesman could not get in the passenger seat before he took off.

The car dealer Ian McKenzie said: “He’s got to have been in the car nearly all day, every day,” he said, “Fortunately he hasn’t damaged the car at all, he has just done a lot of miles on it. These are things we have to put up with as car dealers, I suppose.”

The car dealer plans to slash down the price of the new Honda Accord due to the mileage during “test drive”. Ian McKenzie said, “We’ll give a dollar off for every kilometer it’s got on it.”

The man has been arrested and charged with aggravated unlawful use of a motor vehicle and unlawful possession of property.

Motorbike MonoTracer Looks Like A Car

For those who are looking for a vehicle, something in between car and motorbike, or combination of car and motorbike, it is not a dream, and this MonoTracer is definitely your best choice.


Handsome Driver Is Wanted For Jet Car

The North American Eagle jet car looks like a rocket, even its engine also uses a 42,500 horsepower engine from airplane manufacturer Lockheed’s retired 1957 F-104 Starfighter.

Before you are checking your bank account to find out whether you are afford to make one, just a friendly reminder to you that it uses up 160 gallons of fuel each minute. It means, in every run with this cool jet car, you must spend $18,000 for its fuel.

Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi designed it with such power because they are attempting to break the 800 mph land speed record in around 20 seconds.

Ed Shadle who was a former USAF pilot and amateur racer, is thinking to drive the North American Eagle.

“It’s a lot of fun to drive,” he told the Times Online, “But if my age is stopping us getting sponsors, we have to remove that barrier. We’ll put some hotshot in the driving seat who looks like Robert Redford and see how that works.”

The jet car is ready to go, but they are looking for a driver now. If your age is between 20 and 40 years, and photogenic, you are the one they are looking for to drive the $150,000 rocket jet car. If this is the case, please write a 400 words email to convince them why the driver should be you, together with a handsome photo of you to

World's Cheapest Car - Tata Nano

You know how much does the world's cheapest car costs? $2,000 for a brand new car from India's Tata. The cheapest the car in the world, Tata Nano was launched in Mumbai on March 23, 2009.

The sale of the car will start in Tata showroom in Mumbai on April 9, with 10 million application forms to be selected randomly. Each booking form will be sold for 300 rupees (6 U.S. dollars).

Chairman of Tata Group, Ratan Tata speaks during the launch of the Tata Nano car The Nano, the world's cheapest car, will hit Indian roads in July, four months after its formal launch on Monday, and demand is expected to far outstrip supply as the price tag of around $2,000 draws legions of new buyers.

Is it cheap? Ya, it is cheaper than my least!

79th Geneva International Motor Show

The 79th Geneva International Motor Show at the Palexpo in Geneva will start from March 3, 2009. It will showcase the latest in vehicle accessories, bodywork, parts, passenger cars, garage equipment, as well as various vehicle publications and associations.

Take a look on some new cars that exhibit during 79th Geneva International Motor Show.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia


Audi S5 Convertible

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 Superveloce

New battery-powered Opel Ampera

New Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI and E350 CGI Blue Efficiency

New Skoda Yeti 4x4

Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Opening Hours:
5th to 15th March 2009

Opening times:
Monday - Friday 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday - Sunday 9 am to 7 pm

Price of admission
Adults CHF 14.-
Children from 6 to 16 and pensioners CHF 8.-
Group rate (more than 20 people) CHF 9.- /pers.

Part of the Exhibitors:

Alfa Romeo
Bentley Motors
Bitter Automobile
BMW Alpina
DR Motor
Fisker Automotive
Ford Motor Company
General Motors (GM)
Land Rover
Magna Steyr
Rinspeed /Mansory