New Mercedes Cars Have Smart Devices To Wake Up Drowsy Drivers

This smart device that can wake up drowsy drivers is definitely a great innovation by Mercedes; it can help to reduce the road accident rates. So, you don't have to worry if you are sleepy but still need to drive because the new Mercedes cars won't allow you to sleep and will remind you to take a break with a cup of coffee!

We've heard of smart cars, but this is getting into a whole new dimension. Mercedes studied the brain waves of sleepy drivers, and matched those up with lackadaisical steering tendencies, resulting in a car that can sense if you're spacing out.

Attention Assist uses precision sensors on the steering column to watch your attention level, and if you start to fall asleep, it sounds an obnoxious alarm, accompanied by an icon in the middle of the speedometer suggesting that you pause for a cup of coffee.

Very cool device, right?