Lexus Launches New Model RX450h

Toyota Motor Corp's luxury brand Lexus launches its new model, Lexus RX450h, at the Lexus RX Museum in Tokyo Jan.19, 2009. Lexus is now on its second version of its 4x4 hybrid; RX models are the latest versions. The "h" stands for hybrid and the "450" refers to performance on par with that of a 4.5-liter conventional vehicle.

The sales of the "RX450h" are to start in Japan in April.

Next-generation crossovers that merge the luxurious ride and comfort of a sedan with the functionality of an SUV, they offer, at the highest levels, the environmental and safety performance demanded of 21st-century luxury vehicles. They are based on the concept of providing the superior excitement and driving comfort characteristic of a Lexus vehicle.

The new arrivals include such features as an advanced hybrid system with a V6 gasoline engine, the E-Four (electric four-wheel drive) system for outstanding driving and environmental performance, as well as a unique "dual-zone cockpit" that allows the driver to concentrate on driving. Other top-class features create a dynamism that sets the vehicles apart from other SUVs while providing a strong sense of safety and satisfaction.