How You Were Fooled By Broken Parking Meter?

If you think you are lucky when a city parking meter appears to be broken when you need to use it because you can park your car for free, then you must be careful. You must park your car as far away from the parking meter as possible because the broken parking meters pretend to be broken then 'self-correct' to give you tickets.

According to D.C. Department of Transportation (DDOT) officials, a record 116,354 "grievance calls" were placed in 2008 from people complaining about broken parking meters.

DDOT officials added, however, that the crews dispatched to fix "broken meters" found them working fine 67 percent of the time.

Setting aside the obvious number of people who made up the "Uh, uh, it was broken" excuse to get out of paying their tickets, what's to account for non-liars' stories?

So, be a smart drive, don't be fooled by the broken parking meter.