Low Cost Luxury MPV Proton Exora Bold Premium

The latest model of Proton Exora 1.6 Bold Premium(A) really impressed me! It's consider a low cost "luxury" MPV because you pay little money but get a "luxury" MPV...I mean it has almost everything that the expensive cars should have.
Here are some info and accessories of this new CFE turbo engine car :

Coolest Invisible Car Created by German Engineer

Invisible car sounds cool and it's almost impossible to create an invisible car at this moment, with current technology. But a German engineer has created an invisible car! Well, as I said, it's impossible to make an invisible car now, and his "invisible car" is actually using "optical illusion" to make it looks like invisible.

Awesome Dragon Car Looks Like "Alien" Car

There are many dragon cars in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. People there are greedy in modifying their cars like this dragon car, but this car looks like "Alien" car. No doubt, this dragon or "Alien" car is so awesome; it's cool to drive this car in the town.

If you are addicted to car modifying, I believe you will like this crazy idea also. Why not to consider modifying your car like this one?

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Mirror Finish Bugatti Veyron Is So Shiny

We've seen a Mercedes Benz that built with white gold in my earlier post, and we all know that it is luxury, not many of us can afford to spend that much of money to get the car shiny by using white gold. However, you can still make your car as shiny as mirror just like this mirror finish Bugatti Veyron; it carries the same effect like a white gold car but it definitely costs cheaper.

Hit the jump for few more pictures of this mirror finish Bugatti Veyron.

Fake Mini Smart Cars

The cars that you are about to see in this post are Mini Smart Cars but they are all fake! The alleged Smart Cars have the body kit of Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, and Lamborghini but they are all photoshopped, what a waste! If they are real, I believe many people will be crazy for them, me too...

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